Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another day in Killarney

Killarney is such a cute town with a beautiful park. This morning, I woke around 10 AM. It was so nice to sleep in.

I headed out to explore Killarney. It is a small area with shops everywhere and pastel-colored buildings. There are a few churches and many buggy rides. I even found a few stores with my name in it. I bought a few last minute gifts for people, wandered around the shops, and had lunch. I had a ham and cheese sandwich. I forgot to say before that the cheese in their sandwiches is shredded cheese, which is so good.

Then I walked around and found their park. It is so gorgeous with flowers, views of mountains, and fun walking trails. I walked around and took many photos here.

When I got back, I hung out with Gabby and Angelica around the hotel and the national park. Then I met at 4 with Jan and the photography majors because we had to talk about the Ireland site I am creating. Once this meeting was over, we met an editor from the Kerryman at 4:30. He had some interesting information and said that around 60% of the newspaper is news and 40% is advertising.

Once this was over, Gabby, Angelica, and I had a blast around town. We had dinner, where I had yummy lasagna and great times with them. Then we treated ourselves to ice-cream and shopped around the area. It was so much fun!

I cannot believe this trip is almost over. Tomorrow we are leaving Killarney, seeing some sights, and staying overnight in Limerick.


  1. You deserve a good sleep-in.

    Cheese & Ice Cream... Yum!

    I wish we could walk those trails!

  2. I like your blog. Lots of nice pictures to go with the description.