Sunday, May 16, 2010


Cobh (pronounced cove) is breathtaking. It is an island in Ireland where I am staying tonight and tomorrow night. The suite is huge (we have 6 in here) and absolutely amazing with a great view (my bed is next to a window with the best view), comfortable place, huge screen television, and even wireless Internet! It is on a hill, and there is a cute town with pastel colored buildings. Also, this is where Titanic set off.

So, here is what all happened today. I woke a little before 7 and got ready to check out of the apartment and leave Dublin. It was sad to leave Dublin, but I had so many great experiences there and definitely did a lot. We met our new tour guide Joe (sadly, Rachel had to leave) and headed on the coach bus at 9. As we were driving, there were beautiful views of green. Also, there were adorable sheep everywhere!

We stopped at Wicklow Park and Glendalough Visitor’s Center. It was a pretty place with nature everywhere, sheep, a tower, ancient buildings, and even graves. Our tour guide told us many interesting facts about it, and then we had free time to roam. I even bought a few postcards. Then we ate lunch, which I had a breakfast panini.

We drove many hours (around 1 – 5) to Cobh. It was nice seeing the sheep, cows, and green while on the road. Once we arrived, we picked our beds and then met at 5:30 for a tour around the area. The tour guide’s name was Michael, and he really knew a lot about the area. He told us about the Titanic and how it boarded people here. His stories really made me feel like I was there. The walk around was just so fun and relaxing.

Once we got back around 7, we were able to relax for a little. I uploaded my photos. Then we met at 8 for dinner at our hotel. It was Chinese food and tasted very good.

Today was just great although there was a lot of traveling. I really enjoyed seeing the green parts of Ireland. In Cobh, I really feel a lot of Irish culture and love it.


  1. I really want to come with you to Cohb. It is truly beautiful. Irish by the sea. Sadly, they still can't tan... haha!

  2. The common thread throughout this one?.... SHEEP! lol sorry couldn't help myself. Sounds like you're having a blast. Can't wait to see all of your photos.