Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We made it to Killarney!

Today truly felt like Ireland. There was nature and animals everywhere all day. We left Cobh and headed to Killarney. I woke around 7 and had a relaxing breakfast at the hotel. Then we boarded the coach bus at 8:30. All day it was cold and rainy, but we still enjoyed the day nevertheless.

First we drove around the Ring of Kerry and stopped at the Kerry Bog Village Museum. It showed how people lived and worked many years ago. The homes were so tiny! We had awhile here, so I also went into the gift shop and looked around. Then we saw a sheepdog demonstration, which was so neat to see! He explained how the sheepdogs listen and herd the sheep. He uses a whistle and also says commands to the dogs. He showed us this, and it was just a very cultural experience.

We had lunch afterwards, and I had a ham and cheese sandwich and delicious hot chocolate. It helped me stay warm. Once we finished lunch, we took various stops for photo opportunities. We stopped at a beach and then different times around the mountains. It was very chilly but worthwhile to get the photos and see the sights.

Arrival to our new hotel was around 6, so we definitely were in the bus a lot today. The hotel room is one room with three beds and a bathroom. It is a decent place.

We had a group dinner tonight, so we met at 7:10. This dinner included Irish music and dancing. It lasted until a little after 11. It was such a fun time! I had an Irish dinner (potato soup, Irish lamb stew, and cheesecake). I sat with Gabby, Angelica, Aaron, Kristina, and Helen. Then the music came, which was really fun to listen to and participate in (they made us clap). I am starting to recognize a lot of Irish music now because I've heard it so much. Also, a little girl did an Irish dance, which was really cute. Eventually one of the musicians played the Titanic song and many people in our group were singing. Also, they did a shout out to Point Park University. It was such a fun time!

Tomorrow I have a free day in Killarney. I will sleep-in and explore. Then I am meeting at 4 to discuss the Ireland site and then meet an editor at 4:30.

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  1. Hi, you look like you would love in the middle of nowhere. The sheep says, "Bah!" Did you like the dinner?